Live Jazz Music

troubadour på brødrene bergh
troubadour på brødrene bergh

Live Jazz Music

Easy, Swing, Modern, Ragtime, or Soul Jazz? Experience live Jazz bands for free at our venues!

Jazz and dance!

We provide live Jazz at Brødrene Bergh from Thursday to Saturday, and occasionally at Liv og Røre Triaden! We create an incredibly unique ambiance in the evening, with room for dancing and enjoyment. If desired, we can book Jazz bands for you, ensuring you have a fantastic experience. Just let us know your preferences, and we’ll tailor the experience to your liking as much as possible.

Venues That Offer Live Jazz:

Karl Johans gate 35, 0162 Oslo

Brødrene Bergh

Live Music • Tailor-made Experiences • Games • Christmas Parties

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Gamleveien 88, 1476 Lørenskog

Liv & Røre – Triaden

Christmas Parties • Meeting and Conference Space • Tailor-made Experiences • Games

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Grønlandsleiret 27, 0190 Oslo

Grønland Boulebar & Spiseri

Activities • Big Screen Sports • Quiz • Arcade Games

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