Dr. Jekyll's Pub.
Dr. Jekyll's Pub.


Would you like to learn more about beer, wine, whisky or other spirits? We offer tasting sessions for smaller or bigger groups.

Whisky, cider, beer, or wine tastings

Our bars and restaurants wouldn’t be complete without a diverse and generous selection of drinks. We take pride in the variety of delightful beverages we offer to suit all palates.

At all of our bars and restaurants we facilitate tastings. We have experts in beer, wine, cider, and whisky who will guide you through a unique world of flavours. Our sommeliers take you deep into the realm of each drink. In addition to enjoying delicious beverages, you’ll acquire a wealth of knowledge about beer, wine, and whisky. If you’re interested in participating in tastings, please get in touch with us.


Wine Tastings

Book a wine tasting for your company, event or celebration!

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Whisky Tastings

Book a whiskey tasting for your company!

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Cocktail Making Workshops

A fun activity for company parties, stag parties and events!

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