Sing your heart out as if you were auditioning for 'Idol,' or just sing as you do in the shower. Ready for karaoke in the midst of Oslo, Lørenskog or Ålesund?

Venues That Offer Karaoke:

Torggata 28, 0183 Oslo

Duckpin Oslo

Games • Christmas Parties • Meeting and Conference Space • Karaoke

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Karl Johans gate 35, 0162 Oslo

Scotsman Pub

Activities • Sports on Big Screen • Karaoke • Food & Drink Service

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Gamleveien 88, 1476 Lørenskog

Liv & Røre – Triaden

Christmas Parties • Meeting and Conference Space • Tailor-made Experiences • Games

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Langelandsvegen 35, 6010 Ålesund

Liv & Røre – Moa

Activities • Big Screen Sports • Karaoke • Music Bingo

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Elevate your night out with some karaoke fun!

Get ready to turn up the excitement as we bring you the ultimate karaoke experience! Karaoke has taken the world by storm in recent years, and now it’s your turn to shine. Gather your squad and transport yourselves back to the electrifying 90s for a kick-off or grand finale that’s bound to leave you with unforgettable memories.

But here’s the twist: we’re not just offering any karaoke night. Our private rooms are your exclusive playground, perfectly designed for groups of 5-10 party enthusiasts. And guess what? You can even level up the party by booking multiple rooms or reserving one room for a longer stretch. And yes, we’ve got you covered for those spontaneous karaoke cravings too – our drop-in option is ready and waiting!

So, where’s the stage set for this karaoke extravaganza? Dive into the details of our karaoke-fueled venues and get in touch with us to ensure your event is a resounding hit! Don’t miss out on making your event truly special with a dose of karaoke magic!

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