Pub, Bar or Restaurant Crawl

Folk som sitter ute og nyte sola
Folk som sitter ute og nyte sola

Pub, Bar or Restaurant Crawl

Fancy a bar, pub or restaurant crawl? Join up our central venues in downtown Oslo!

Bar-to-pub-to-restaurant experience in the heart of Oslo!

Experience our most central venues in downtown Oslo and get a taste of what each place has to offer! You can start with an appetizer at one location, have dinner at the next, and enjoy dessert at the last. Alternatively, you can simply have a round of drinks. The choice is yours – we tailor the experience for you.

Let us know the places you’re interested in, and we’ll set up the route in the most convenient way, ensuring you have an evening filled with fun and great flavours.

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Regina Klaar
Regina klaarSales Account Manager
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