Dr. Jekyll’s Pub

Bartender bar baren av Dr. Jekyll's Pub
Bartender bar baren av Dr. Jekyll's Pub

Dr. Jekyll's Pub

Dr. Jekyll's specializes in whisky and offers one of the finest selections in Oslo.


Dr. Jekyll's Pub

Klingenberggata 4, 0161 Oslo

Opening hours

Monday - Tuesday: 4:00 PM - 12:00 AM
Wednesday - Saturday: 3:00 PM - 3:00 AM
Sunday: 3:00 PM - 1:00 AM

Age limit: 20 years


Whole venue (275) / Basement (170) / Outdoors (60)



Oslo’s best-kept Whisky secret

Established in 2005, Dr. Jekyll’s is a Whisky specialist bar, and boasts one of the city’s finest whisky selections with over 600 different bottles behind the bar. The pub also offers a unique touch not found in similar establishments.

As the name suggests, Dr. Jekyll’s draws inspiration from the world’s first and most famous psychological thriller, “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Set in late 1800s England, Dr. Jekyll is a highly respected doctor experimenting to separate the good and evil aspects of his personality. He incarnates his most devilish instincts into a figure named Mr. Hyde, and then the most sinister things begin to unfold. Need we say more? This classic horror tale was penned in 1886, just two years before the infamous “Mr. Hyde” and the undisclosed Jack the Ripper began their reign in London’s East End.

Dr. Jekyll’s pub is undeniably influenced by the 1886 horror story. The pub exudes British casual elegance with a touch of gothic ambiance. Paintings of Dr. Jekyll adorn the walls and ceilings, perfectly eerie and uniquely captivating. The logo takes a gothic cue, setting a distinct thematic tone that begins even before stepping inside.

Spanning two floors and accommodating up to 250 guests, Dr. Jekyll’s signature is undoubtedly Whisky, housing an array of hundreds of Whisky bottles and rare drops. Dr. Jekyll’s boasts an exclusively curated Whisky series, comprised of expressions from nine different distilleries, aptly named “Dr. Jekyll’s Expressions Of…”

Prefer beer instead?

We offer a splendid selection of craft beers from around the world – a spectrum of flavors from rich to sour. Rum, mead and cider are also on offer, both on tap and by the bottle. The choice is yours. Our bar also serves up delightful non-alcoholic cocktails crafted with care and love.

Did you know we have outdoor seating?

We have both front-side street seating and a hidden gem of a backyard. Throughout all seasons, you can enjoy a wonderful ambiance, escaping the city hustle and bustle in one of Oslo’s coziest courtyards. Ample space, vibrant furnishings, and TV screens greet you. The Dr. Jekyll’s murals are proudly displayed outdoors as well. No detail is left to chance. In case the weather isn’t cooperative, we have patio heaters and expansive awnings ensuring a warm and inviting atmosphere year-round.

At Dr. Jekyll’s, you can savor life from early to late, on weekdays and weekends alike. It’s a pub that naturally becomes your new local favorite – because it feels right. We strongly believe that we are undoubtedly Oslo’s premier whisky bar and nightlife destination.

Private Event Space

In need of an event space? At Dr. Jekyll’s, you can exclusively rent our basement for private gatherings like birthdays, kick-offs, or parties, accommodating up to 100 guests. Combine a meal from one of our other restaurants in the Resthon group, and then come to us for the celebration. We are here to tailor the experience for your specific event – reach out to us today!

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